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2nd August 2019

Discovering the Past to Improve your Future Performance with a Season Review

A methodical look back at the season helps to know where you are at on your athletic journey and shows the key areas to improve on for the year to come.


2nd August 2019

Setting Goals for the Season Ahead with an Annual Training Plan (ATP)

With a season review conducted and the demands of your goal event identified, this gives the tools to construct the structure of the season ahead.


2nd August 2019

Targeting specific improvements Through your Power Duration Curve

Discover how to deliberately target your own strengths and limiters in training to drive specific improvement.

Published to the WKO education centre


2nd August 2019

Identifying the power demands of a Goal Event to Plan Specific Training

Once you know the types of effort required for your goal event, you will be much better equipped on race day to train towards the specific efforts required.


 1st December 2017

How to use WKO4 to Construct Training Plans

To start forming goals for the next year. WKO is a very powerful tool in identifying individualities.

Published to TrainingPeaks Coach Blog


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