Indoor Trainers

A variety of Coach recommended products that help you get the most out of your indoor training. Choose trainers from direct drive, smart bikes, to rollers and even travel friendly trainers, from the likes of Tacx and Wahoo.

Tacx Neo

Flagship Tacx direct drive trainer with virtual flywheel up to 125kg.


Tacx Rollers

Develop pedalling skill or use for intervals around FTP or below.


Feedback Sports Omnium

Portable rollers.


Elite Drivo II

Flagship Elite direct drive trainer.


Wahoo Kickr Bike

Smart bike, incorporating Kickr and Climb technology


Wahoo Kickr

Flagship Wahoo direct drive trainer.



Wahoo Rollr

Smart rollers that do not require any bike disassembly.



What is CPT Cycling?

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