Coach's WKO5 Charts

WKO5 is the analytical software used by CPT Cycling to track your progress through advanced metrics and to plan individualised targets. If you use WKO5 to monitor your own progress and want to see the charts created by key WKO5 beta tester; coach Richard, dashboards can be downloaded below for free. If you do not have WKO5, you can download it here. All charts contain a description on how and what to use them for. Cycling data analysis progresses and evolves, so these files are updated on an ongoing basis. You can also get updates on charts in the CPT Cycling Newsletter.


Updated 22nd January 2021

Feeling & Health

Tracks athlete feeling through scores and notes as well as health metrics from wearable sensors and manually entered metrics.



Updated 3rd September 2021


Includes TSS, duration and KJ charts to compare completed and planned training, with daily and weekly values. Updated for non bike TSS.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Contains a PMC chart with CTL, ATL, heat mapped TSB, CTL ramp rate, mFTP modelled from 7 days PDC and CIL, aerobic and anaerobic TIS.



Updated 29th March 2021

Intensity Building

A collection of charts to measure power intensity, anaerobic match burning and increasing Vo2max. Updated to show over 85 and 100% of Vo2max.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Displays daily peaks for 3 sprint, FRC, Vo2max, FTP and Stamina durations and compares the difference of the average top 5 peaks to the best.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Displays PD, MMP and NP curves to highlight bests and 90 day peak power losses. Power @ KJ can be used to identify fatigue resistance.



Updated 22nd January 2021

Hero Bar

A display of historical Pmax, FRC, Vo2max with mFTP % of Vo2max, sFTP, 90 and 30 days mFTP, TTE and Stamina from RHE date range.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Insights into total hemoglobin (Thb) and trends of min, avg and max muscle oxygen (Smo2). Shows distribution of Humon zones, SmO2 and Thb. 




Updated 22nd January 2021


Use to compare progress of aerobic fitness in relation to power and also track progress of max and threshold heart rate.



Updated 3rd August 2021


Shows average power and speed with coasting duration, elapsed time with moving duration, workouts start time and temperature.



Updated 11th November 2021


Used to set test and sub max intervals from completed PDC. Updated in November 2021 to show new Vo2 max testtargets.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Use to compare cadence and power at difference intensities and also average cadence for each day.



Updated 22nd January 2021


Tracking Phenotype through time and contribution of different energy systems to PDC. Works best with multiple selected RHE ranges.



Updated 22nd January 2021

Power Standards

Use this Dashboard to monitor strengths and limiters and to compare W/Kg power to other riders.



Updated 29th October 2021

Cycling Dynamics

A collection of charts from Garmin Vector Cycling and MTB Dynamics; tracking power phase, PCO, grit and flow scores at athlete level.



Updated 22nd January 2021

Torque Effectiveness

A selection of dual sided power meter charts to analyse and action economy and effectiveness of pedalling.



Updated 22nd January 2021


A range of metrics that make up and relate to weight including percentage body fat, water, muscle mass and BMI.



Updated 19th October 2021


Charts new power bests, rolling metrics to highlight laps with power and heart rate zones shown. Displays muscle oxygen with available channels.




Updated 19th October 2021

Single Intervals

Zooms to compare power heat map, gears, time in cadence, power, heart rate distribution, gradient, quadrant analysis and cardiac drift.




Updated 19th October 2021

Multi Intervals

Contains crank speed crossed with torque quadrant analysis scatter plot and cadence distribution.



Updated 22nd January 2021

Power Spikes

Use to identify and edit spikes in Power. Separate left and right power are shown and Power over 400% of FTP is highlighted. 



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