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WKO5 is the analytical software used by CPT Cycling to track your progress through advanced metrics and to plan individualised targets. If you use WKO5 to monitor your own progress and want to see the charts created by key WKO5 beta tester; coach Richard, dashboards can be downloaded below for free. If you do not have WKO5, you can download it here. All charts contain a description on how and what to use them for. Cycling data analysis progresses and evolves, so these files are updated on an ongoing basis. You can also get updates on charts in the CPT Cycling Newsletter.


Updated 15th September 2019


Contains charts with related PMC metrics for weekly or season review. Includes Post activity comments to reference with data.



Updated 15th September 2019

Training Load

Includes anaerobic and aerobic Training Impact Score (TIS), TSS, duration and KJ charts for weekly or season review.



Updated 15th September 2019

Total Load

Use to track exteral factors to training that can have an impact on training.



Updated 15th September 2019


Displays a variety of power duration curves and temperature comparison. Silver and Gold version highlights last 7 days MMP bests of 90 day and losses. Bronze highlights last 14 days.




Updated 15th September 2019

Hero Bar

A simple display of historical Pmax, FRC, FTP and Stamina from RHE date range.



Updated 15th September 2019


Displays daily peaks for 3 sprint, FRC, FTP and Stamina durations and highlights the top 5. Annotation shows the difference of the average top 5 RHE peaks to the RHE best.



Updated 15th September 2019


Insights into trends of minimum, average and maximum daily Smo2 and Total Hemoglobin (thb). Shows average Smo2 and thb in i levels and Humon colour zones from Garmin head units.




Updated 15th September 2019


A selection of charts to compare progress of aerobic fitness in relation to power and Vo2 max.



Updated 15th September 2019


Use to review the demands of anaerobic workouts, group rides or mass start events with KJ used in relevant i levels and minimum dFRC.



Updated 15th September 2019


Use to compare cadence and power at difference grades and intensities.With average time between shifting gears to reference improving cadence.




Updated 15th September 2019


A colection of relevant charts from Garmin Vector Cycling Dynamics to track power phase and PCO at the athlete level.



Updated 15th September 2019


A selection of dual sided power meter charts to analyse and action economy of pedalling.



Updated 15th September 2019


All the tools needed to set tests from completed PDC and MMP as well as future 90 day MMP losses to cover, 40 (if you receive Silver or Bronze coaching) or 20 days (Gold) into the future.




Updated 15th September 2019

Body Composition

A range of metrics that make up and relate to weight.



Updated 15th September 2019

FTP Setting

A collection of charts to clean up and reference data before changing sFTP to latest mFTP and for updating heart rate zones and setting threshold cadence ready for quadrant analysis chart.



Updated 15th September 2019


Use this Dashboard to monitor strengths and limiters and to compare W/KG power to other riders.



Updated 15th September 2019


Tracking how your rider type evolves through time and how your different energy systems contribute to your PDC.



Updated 15th September 2019


Plots MMP and a PDC from workouts tagged "TT Bike" and compares to total bike PDC and MMP. Includes an mFTP for TT Bike.



Updated 26th September 2019

Trainer PDC

Plots MMP and a PDC from workouts tagged "virtual" and compares to total bike PDC and MMP. Includes an mFTP for Trainer.



Updated 15th September 2019


A selection of charts to review entire workout with intervals highlighted. With Human hex; will display rolling Smo2 and thb from Wahoo element. Garmin edge also shows rolling Humon zone colours.





Updated 15th September 2019


A selection of charts to review multiple intervals zoomed and separated. Including time in Humon zones and  rolling gear shifts with relevant sensors.






Updated 15th September 2019

Power Spike

Use to identify spikes in Power and erase and/ or replace. Separate left and right power are shown to identify if one side has been under or over reporting or not broadcasting. 




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