A variety of Cycle Coaching Services that you can purchase by the hour where you can receive a review of your past training and get recommendations for future training, video analysis of racing, Online (via training app and video call) or On Road Coaching, plus further options. Have a cycle coaching service you would like to use that is not listed below? Let us know and we will do out best to accommodate what you are looking for.

Coached ride

£55 per hour

+ coach's travel time

Receive personal coach guidance in real time during your virtual training ride via call to stay on track with your intervals as they happen.

Or ride on road 1-2-1 with coach and gain tips on descending skills, pacing, gear selection or finding ideal roads for your intervals.

Season Review

£55 per hour

Ideal if you don't want an ongoing plan but want to check your training is going in the right direction.

Your specific questions about training can be investigated and answered through bulk upload of your cycling data.

Includes full season review and recommendations for the near future.

Race video analysis

£55 per hour

 Best for mass start road races, criterium, MTB and CX.

Your handlebar or helmet mounted camera footage is used in combination with ride data.

Gain feedback on tactics, positioning and line choice to improve efficiency or discover new ideas for strategies in your upcoming races.


What is CPT Cycling?

Custom training plans with a 360º approach to your unique physiology and goals with actionable feedback to help you become a faster cyclist, explained simply with a personal touch from an expert cycling coach.