Coach Richard Rollinson of CPT Cycling reviews training with a coached rider.
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Coaching Packages Monthly
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A collection of coaching services that you can subscribe to for as short or long period as you prefer. Choose between 3 service levels of coach contact. All packages include full customised Power Training Plan and personal coach feedback on your progress using advanced metrics.

5% Discount on Coaching Packges purchased annually over monthly subscription.

The advantage of a Coaching Package over a Training Plan alone or one off Consultation is that your coach can keep a closer eye on your progress tracked through your power based metrics (and more) to prescribe to you, much more relevant training targets and give you a more regular idea of how you are progressing.

The higher the level of Coaching Package that you go for, the more often your coach can do both of these things for you and therefore, the closer you can be to your best, when it counts the most. As the partnership between coach and rider grows in the long term, the more your coach can get to know your unique responses to training and individualise your training to an even greater extent.

However in the begining, with the one off step up, your coach will work to fast track this process to quickly learn your strengths, goals and customise your training around your other priorities in life. Invest in your potential; this is digital coaching, but to the highest degree of bespoke cycle coaching.

  • Initial set up contained within each Coaching Package includes assessment of previous training, individualised strengths and limiters as well as your personal schedule. Event profiling of your goal events, plus Annual Training Plan (ATP).
  • Coach amendments to your training plan after it has been posted. Coach amendments to your training plan are unlimited for all Coaching Packages.
  • Work with coach on what you would like to achieve with a series of both season long and short term training and racing goals that are specific and trackable, challenging but realistic.
  • As you set new bests from tests in your training Plan; through racing or other workouts, coach will check power files for data spikes and update your power zones, as your fitness changes.
  • Coach tips and guidance in every bike workout
  • In depth, actionable analysis from coach of what you did well and what you can improve on. This is every 2 weeks for Bronze, every week for Silver and almost daily for Gold.
  • Planned custom workouts sent to your TrainingPeaks calendar are every 4 weeks for all Coaching Packages.
  • Season review and ATP after every year of coaching.
  • Phone call or video chat with coach every month with Silver and weekly for Gold.
  • The price of a TrainingPeaks premium account is included in your CPT Cycling coaching package Subscription.
  • Option for strength exercises and workouts to be incorporated into your plan.
  • Individualised basic cycling specific nutrition advice.

    What is CPT Cycling?

    Custom training plans with a 360º approach to your unique physiology and goals with actionable feedback To help you become a faster cyclist, explained simply with a personal touch from an expert cycling coach.