Wahoo Rollr


Wahoo Rollr Smart Trainer


This trainer is the most convienint smart trainer that we have ever seen CPT Cycling coached riders use, becuase there is no need to take wheels off to use this trainer. This eliminates almost all of the usual cross combatability issues seen with direct drive trainers for axles or cassettes. The Rollr has a generous 4.8 KJ flywheel, compareable to many mid range direct drive trainers for effective similar workload to power, compareable to the road.

  • Controlled smart resistance
  • Quick set up front wheel clamp
  • Use with your exsisting power meter via ANT+

    What is CPT Cycling?

    Custom training plans with a 360º approach to your unique physiology and goals with actionable feedback to help you become a faster cyclist, explained simply with a personal touch from an expert cycling coach.