Wahoo Kickr


Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer


For power output as similar as possible to on road for same effort, the Kickr is one of the best that has been seen in CPT Cycling coached rider data collected over recent years that has always shown rider power output, very close to out on the road from very similar levels of heart rate, meaning that it is not necessary to have a separate set of power zones/ FTP for the indoor trainer, compared to the road.

  • Thru axle adaptors included
  • Freehub body and 11-28 cassette included
  • Adjustable height to level front and rear wheel height (no need for front wheel support block)
  • Maximum watts 2200w
  • Flywheel: 7.25kg actual
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity for trainer power meter to indoor training apps
  • Extreamly quiet, even at high wattage


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