Verve InfoCrank power meter
Verve InfoCrank


Track 165mm


The InfoCrank is the CPT Cycling recommended power meter if you want a fit and forget product that will stay on one bike and only needs a zero offset after a firmware update or battery change. It is the only crank based power meter that we recommend for accuracy and reliability. This is also the power meter for you if you want to look at and for your coach to analyse your pedal stroke , combined with very reliable and cycling relevant tangintial force measurement (only the forces use to propel your bike forward) with cadence taken from the speed of force measurement within each pedal stroke.

  • Available with or without chainrings
  • Compatible with almost all bottom bracket standards
  • Crank lengths available from 165 - 180mm
  • InfoCrank measures force 256 times per second on each crank at 60rpm
  • Measures torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness
  • Compatiple with VINC android pedaling analysis
  • Power accuracy: ± or - less than 1%
  • Torque accuracy ±0.2 Nm below 20 Nm. ±1% above 20 Nm
  • Battery life up to 293 hours (Silver oxide SR44 recomended)
  • Connectivity: ANT+

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