Velocomp AeroPod


AeroPod Cda Sensor



The data collected from the AeroPod can show vital insights into how aerodynamically efficent a rider and bike is. This could previously only be achievable in a wind tunnel. The data is displayed on a Garmin Edge, Android or iOS in real time and can then be analysed by the coach and rider to action either changes to bike fit, positioning on the bike from the same bike fit, or to test the aerodynamic benefits of different equipment choices such as; skinsuits, helmets or wheels.

  • Measures live aerodynamic efficency in Cda (frontal area of bike and rider in M^2)
  • Also measures distance and time advantage over previous positions/ equipment
  • Real time wind speed
  • Requires pairing to a dual sided power meter and speed sensor to produce Cda measurement
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connects to Garmin Edge via Connect IQ app
  • Connects to Android and iOS devices
  • Mounts to GoPro style mount (included)

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