Coach Richard Rollinson in CPT Cycling performance 2 piece skinsuit.


CPT Cycling Skinsuits

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Apex Speedsuit
Performance 2 peice Skinsuit


Unique CPT Cycling design incorporated onto skinsuits for different uses. Made by Tour de France winning kit supplier, Champion System. All skinsuits listed are short sleeve and are available with either mens or womens specific chamios and cut. As this kit is exclusive and custom made, most of the time, it is only available in limited runs of production. However, you can reserve any kit in the CPT Cycling shop at anytime with a 50% deposit on any item. Before each production run is sent, you will be notified to pay the 50% balance before your item goes into production. All skinsuits include Europe wide shipping.

  • Apex Speedsuit - TT Skinsuit with mesh and dimple fabric. Includes a "No pins" integrated race number window
  • Performance 2 peice Skinsuit - A practical skinsuit for everyday use from road races to training. Includes 2 large pockets and full front zipper

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    Custom training plans with a 360º approach to your unique physiology and goals with actionable feedback to help you become a faster cyclist, explained simply with a personal touch from an expert cycling coach.