rotor power meters


InPower Single Side Crank Axle

2InPower Dual Side Crank Axle

InSpider Dual Side Power


The Rotor power meters offer one of CPT Cycling's recommended spider based power meters as well as a dual and single sided crank axle based systems. It may not suprise you that these are the best option if you are running Q Rings, as the power measurement will compensate for oval shaped chainrings. The InPower and InSpider power meters report torque effectivness and pedalling smoothness metrics that enable your coach to give you feedback on the effectivness and efficency of your pedal stroke.

  • Power measurement taken from crank spider or axle
  • Compatible with Rotor cranks
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ transmission
  • Rechargable battery
  • Dual sided power measures torque effectivness and pedal smoothness

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