motion performance indicator sensors and head unit.


Type S 5x Sensors

Type S 2x Sensors


Motion analysis sensors and head unit to show vital insights into both rider technique and the effects that bike position and fit has on the economy of power transfer and aerodynamics. The data can then be analysed by the coach and rider to action either changes to bike fit, positioning on the bike from the same bike fit and technique changes to action and improve. This may be anything from saddle height and bar drop to activly changing pedalling technique and even to identify stronger or weaker muscle groups within legs and/ or core to correct with a specific strength plan.

  • Sensors use key technology of 3 axis gyroscope and accelorometers
  • Measures foot angle at top and bottom of pedal stroke, upper leg angle, pelvic angle, rotation and rock, torso angle, rotation and rock
  • Records 100x per second
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Type S head unit uses android OS with 2x bluetooth chips for connection to motion sensors

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