Humon Hex


Hex muscle oxygen sensor


The Humon Hex enables data to be used that previously would only be measured in lab testing. Heart rate measures the rate in which blood is pumped out from the heart to the rest of the body, power measures the rider's cycling specific output of effort, muscle oxygen shows what is happerning in between these 2. Why would you want to measure this? The Humon Hex shows in real time how much oxygenated blood is available to use towards producing power, so that you know the aerobic energy you have availble to use. This is particularly useful for pacing your efforts and rate of recovery during interval workouts.

  • Includes 1 muscle oxygen sensor, charging base, USB cable and sensor strap
  • Uses near infrared LED technology to detect various light intensity in the muscle
  • Measures Thb (total delivery of oxygenated blood) and Smo2 (oxygenated blood being used in the muscle)
  • Compatable with most Garmin and Wahoo head units as well as many smart watches
  • Battery life: 20 hrs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and ANT+

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