Tacx Bushido

Wheel on trainer with virtual flywheel up to 60kg.


Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer


For power output as similar as possible to on road for same effort, this trainer offers the best value. This means that, within our experience, it is less likely not need a seperate set of power zones/ FTP for the indoor trainer, compared to the road, as the 60kg of mass inertia in the virtual flywheel resistance is closer to the weight of most road riders and above that of almost all mid range direct drive trainers. The higher the weight of the trainer mass inertia, the more closely matched the rider's watts are to the same relative effort out on the road.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of wheels and axles (may need seperate adaptors)
  • Includes front wheel support block
  • Maximum watts 1400w
  • Flywheel: 60kg virtual mass intertia
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity for trainer power meter to indoor training apps


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