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Make HIIT training work for you

Posted by Richard Rollinson on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Under: Training

Make HIIT training work for you

How did your training go last week?   Did you get some good strong rides in?

There are many of us out there that simply train and do a lot of it, but how do you know that all ofthose Kilometres that take up so much of your precious time are all going to good use come race day?

You are far more likely to get more bang for your buck if you switch your focus from: how muchtraining am I doing, to: What is the quality of the training I am doing.

Just purely training without and strategy can be wasted kilometres because of:
  • No gradual intensity build towards race conditions
  • No Planed recovery periods
  • Training at threshold whilst in heavy overload
A training plan that has strategies in place to manage intensity and recovery will give you these benefits:
  • The ability to push threshold levels harder following structured recovery
  • A better rider focus knowing there are no wasted km’s
  • Greater adaptation to race situations
That word is key: ADAPTATION. Whatever you do, you become. When race day rolls around if you have only done training rides at a medium to pace then you will only be capable of performing within that range. We all need to train each of these:
  • Active recovery
  • Endurance building
  • Aerobic threshold
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Maximum effort
  • The amount of how much of these we train needs to have consideration to:
  • The individual
  • The type of event training for
  • How does it fit into a season plan
  • What current form is
Most of us will realistically have a maximum amount of hours we can train each week, we can goover that optimum level of volume for a while before crashing and burning. By keeping the volumeof training at a sustainable level, then sufficient gains can be made by adapting to intensity from:
  • Increasing the length of time spent about a prescribed threshold level
  • Increasing the frequency of intervals above a prescribed threshold
  • Increasing rides/build up races where intensity is at higher levels than solo training
  • Managing and monitoring recovery periods for optimum performance

When training within one threshold zone, we are building a tolerance to the zone above it. By doing more riding at threshold, our bodies get used to this. If we train at the same volume and intensity allthe time then performance will adapt but will even out and eventually drop. By increasing intensityin planned steps, then we start to see improvements, not overnight but will be huge in the long term.

So with the correct state of mind, knowing where you are going and why you are doing it, mixedwith professional training programmes you will be on track to deliver better results and have theconfidence to race well knowing that you can keep on top of the pace of the race because youwill be used to what is in store for the road ahead. The advantage is by this stage; you are betterprepared in training than riders clocking up more hours in the saddle than you.

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