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Oakley Jawbreaker Test

July 7, 2017

Last week I was very fortunate to get my hands on a magnificent pair of the new Oakley Jawbreakers, very kindly given to me to have on long term test through my good friends at Ottica Viewpoint Opticians and Oakley. You can check out Ottica Viewpoint’s extensive range of designer glasses in their online store: http://www.ottica-viewpoint.it/e-shop

As a Coach and as an athlete in cycling for the past 20 years, I know the importance of what the right equipment makes and that does not stop with eyewear. Having good vision can make the difference between Performing in events or intervals in training to the best of your ability or not.


There are 2 main reasons in what I look for when choosing glasses and that is antifogging and stability.

The first thing that was most noticeable as soon as you put the glasses on with a helmet and in a bike riding position, is just how stable they are and they did not move at all. The true test for this is when I start changing head position either looking back down the road, moving between bar positions or looking at my Garmin. Through all, the Jawbreakers kept totally still.

One thing I did not need to think about until the first stop at traffic lights, was the anti fogging technology. I had a of a tiny patch of fog that was gone in an instant and did not return. Over my years of racing in many situations on the road and MTB there have been many occasions where I have learned the hard way not to wipe the lenses until the end of the ride.

With the Jawbreakers, this simply was not an issue after a hard effort going to a standstill, where I normally have to wait sometimes minutes at a time until the fog has disappeared from my glasses or until I get moving again. I have not tested this yet fully in the rain, but this is certainly something I want to explore over time, so expect to see this in the second test blog on these glasses.

Also important is the clarity of the lenses and range of vision available. I will get to clarity a little later, but the Jawbreakers offer some of the widest lines of vision from glasses framed top and bottom.


There are some very cool features that I was not aware of until received the Jawbreakers. The length of the arms are adjustable. Which is really quite handy to best fit the arms around your chosen helmet to customise the fit.

As each arm is independently adjustable, this could be used to compensate for any facial asymmetry that could mean the difference between the glasses sitting straight on your face or not.

The Sapphire Iridium lenses came as standard with these Jawbreakers that were very thoughtfully picked out for me by Ottica Viewpoint in an extremely similar blue to that used by CPT Cycling and the Sapphire Iridium lenses matched the glasses frame beautifully with the eye catching blue coloured lenses.

However, that’s not just for show. Even though it fits in with my philosophy of looking fast, breads a fast mindset. These lenses offer bags of function. Oakley call it “High definition Optics” and it certainly feels like you're looking at the world in HD with added clarity.


What this adds up to is reliability and dependability. Knowing that you have a fit a forget item where you know you are going to have reliable vision is one less thing to worry about and leaves you free to focus your mind on others things like executing your intervals, holding the wheel in front or nailing a descent. You can spend more mental capacity on those things instead.


Out of the box, there are a few really nice touches including a second pair of Prizm Trail lenses, a spare nose piece and a genuine Oakley warranty as well as Ottica Viewpoint’s own cleaning cloth to get the lenses totally clear, post ride.

As I mentioned, I will have these on long term test, so the Prizm Trail should be my lenses of choice once winter rolls around.

This will hopefully literally light up the UK Winter, so stay tuned to the CPT Cycling blog for the report on those and how the Jawbreakers fair over time.