Coach: Richard Rollinson
TrainingPeaks level 2 and ABCC Level 3 Cycling Coach; Richard Rollinson

Hi, My name is Richard, I am a TrainingPeaks level 2 and ABCC Level 3 Cycling Coach and I would love to help you become a faster cyclist, whether you are looking to finish your first sportive or target a national title, I have the tools and experience to help you get to where you want to be through smarter training to make more effective use of your time. 

I have always been focused on the technical aspects of the sport, with skills, equipment and later as I started coaching; the data side. I mainly focus on coaching sportive, road racing, time trial, criterium, MTB and CX and have successfully helped riders achieve their goals in; Ride London 100, Etape du Tour, Maratona dles Dolomites and La Marmotte.

My achievements as an athlete include; multiple wins in elite level criterium and time trail races as well as racing for many trade teams on the UCI road race calendar at 2.2 level in the Tour of Southland and Tour of Wellington. I also raced in the UK national MTB series.


My journey as an athlete started when I got the bug for Mountain Biking in 1994, as my passion for terrain and tech started and grew until I started racing in 1997. That first race was a DNF and I faced a choice of saying this was not for me, or growing. I overcame this through believing I could be stronger and faster and continued to chase my goals in MTB and later as I switched to road.

I achieved my results while working full time and unsociable hours. I use this experience to manage the training schedules of the busy lives of the riders that I coach.

The athletes that I enjoy working with the most are riders who want to improve their times or results to move up to the next racing category. The biggest kick I get out of coaching is when an athlete trusts in my tried and tested training principles and processes, is patient, sees the value in effective communication and puts in the hard work required to get to the next level and can then look back once goals have been achieved to understand how the process thatgot them there. Seeing when an athlete finds success in this way and knows what works, brings both the athlete and also myself further motivation to build for future success. 

Riders that I have coached have won; Norwegian Masters National Road Race Championship, Cayman Islands TT Championship twice and Cayman Islands Road Race Championship. I have also coached riders to qualify for the Island Games in road and MTB as well as countless masters riders to represent their country in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. I was also the New Zealand National under 19 road cycling squad coach.

I also follow a training plan similar to CPT Cycling coached riders on an ongoing basis and also take part in Gran Fondo events. I still enjoy riding and pushing myself as much as ever and this gives me a very relevant perspective to how coached riders feel in training, to experience this myself continually.

Coach's WKO5 Charts

WKO5 is the analytical software used by CPT Cycling to track your progress through advanced metrics and to plan individualised targets. If you use WKO5 to monitor your own progress and want to see the charts created by key WKO5 beta tester; coach Richard, dashboards can be downloaded below for free. All charts contain a description on how and what to use them for. If you do not have WKO5, you can download it here. Cycling data analysis progresses and evolves, so these files are updated on an ongoing basis. You can also get updates on charts in the CPT Cycling Newsletter.


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